Wuhan Oraylaser Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
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  • 同轴测温视觉单聚焦激光焊接头
  • 双工位点锡膏送丝焊接机
  • BOX直接半导体风冷激光器

Oraylaser Provides You With High-quality Products And Services Focus On Laser Soldering And Brazing, Laser Constant Temperature Cutting, Laser Constant Temperature Welding Processing And Production; Can Quickly Help Customers Develop Customized Solutions For The Whole Project.


Wuhan Oraylaser Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Oraylaser Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Is An Enterprise Committed To Designing, Developing And Providing Laser Unit Technology Products And Overall Solutions. The Company Is Located In Wuhan East Lake High Tech Development Zone, The Central Area Of Wuhan • China Optical Valley. The Leading Product Is The R & D And Design Of Optical Integration Unit Products And Overall Solutions In The Laser Field. The Company Is Composed Of Digital Technicians With More Than Ten Years Of Working Experience In The Optical, Mechanical, Electrical And Software Industries. Under The Environment Of Backward Foundation, We Use Our Diligence And Wisdom To Solve Technical Problems. The Company Has Formed Unit Technology R & D And Design Capabilities Including Laser Welding, Marking, Cutting, Internal Carving, Precision Processing And Other Processes, Which Can Provide Customers...

Four Advantages Of Oraylaser Bring You ProtectionThe Products Are Mainly Used In Automotive Electronics, Optical Components, Acoustic Components, Semiconductor Refrigeration Equipment, Safety Products, Led Lighting, Precision Connectors, Disk Storage Components And Other Processes.


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